Tampa Bay Escape Room

625 Cleveland St.
Clearwater, FL 33755

Telephone: 727-240-1797


Escape Rooms are the hottest new entertainment in the country. Players, in groups of 2-8, must work together to find clues, crack codes and solve puzzles to escape the room before time runs out. Can you escape in 60 minutes? How many people can play? The game requires a minimum of 2 players. Groups of 2-8 players can play at one time. The more brain power the better! Will there be other people in the room? That depends on how many slots you book. If 8 slots are available and you purchase 4 slots, then 4 remaining slots are available. In order for your group to have the room to yourselves you must book all available slots. Do I need a reservation and how do I book a room? Reservations are required and must be made online.

The calendar is updated every five minutes and is only an approximation of availability.

Some hosts set custom pricing for certain days on their calendar, like weekends or holidays. The rates listed are per day and do not include any cleaning fee or rates for extra people the host may have for this listing. Please refer to the listing's Description tab for more details.

We suggest that you contact the host to confirm availability and rates before submitting a reservation request.